The Provision of Garbage Collection in Dungu, DR. Congo

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Demokratische Republik Kongo
   Mär 19, 2017
   Mär 29, 2017
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   Amir Muzzamil (Oic Procurement Section)
OiC Procurement Section (MONUSCO)
Utex Africa Compound,
Avenue Colonel Mondjiba, Ngaliema, Kinshasa, DRC
Demokratische Republik Kongo
   +39 083 124 5167 or +243 81 890 5167
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1. The United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (“MONUSCO), seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) from duly registered and licensed companies for the Provision of Garbage Collection in Dungu, DRC.

2. MONUSCO will undertake a competitive bidding exercise shortly and accordingly intends to issue a Request for Proposal those companies who would express their interest and provide initial relevant information demonstrating their ability to fulfill MONUSCO requirements. In addition, the interested companies will be requested to complete UN Vendor registration for level 1 on the vendor database accessible on (new vendors only). The services are required at the following locations and their respective area of responsibility, subject to change in locations in DRC based on the actual requirement of MONUSCO.

i. MONUSCO Logbase
ii. Morbatt Airport Camp
iii. IEC Airport
v. Morbatt Town Camp
vi. Morbatt Camp Logbase (across the runway)
vii. American and SA Camp
viii. Morbatt Faradje Camp
ix. Morbatt Duru Camp

3. Please note that this request for EOI is not an invitation to bid

4. MONUSCO reserves the right in selecting the invitees for the competitive bidding based on substantial and proven records of performance in the subject field of activities and submission of an EOI would not automatically warrant receipt of the (ITB) documents. MONUSCO reserves the right to reject EOIs received after the deadline indicated below.

5. The expressions of interest may be submitted by email to and copy,; hand-delivery or courier, clearly marked with the inscription "EOI -Provision of Garbage Collection in Dungu, DRC to be delivered in the specific location and addressed as follows to be received not later than 29 March 2017, 15:00 hours Kinshasa time (+1).

OiC Procurement Section MONUSCO
Utex Africa Compound, Avenue Colonel Mondjiba, Ngaliema, Kinshasa, DRC
Fax: +39 083 124 5167 or +243 81 890 5167

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