Rehabilitation of the Health Facilities in Turkana



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   Mär 21, 2017
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   United Nations Office for Project Service (UNOPS)
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1.The United Nations Office for Project Services –East Africa Hub(UNOPS-EAH) is undertaking the Infrastructure Upgrade for the Health Facilities selected as Maternal and Newborn Centers of Excellence in Turkana County.This project is a part of the DFID funded Health Systems Strengthening Program implemented in collaboration with UNICEF, the Kenyan Ministry of Health, the Turkana County Health Management Teamand is financed by DFID –UK Aid.
2.UNOPS-EAH invites sealed bids from eligible bidders who have a valid NCA (National Construction Authority–Kenya) registration under Building class(minimum NCA 6)and having experience in similar nature works for the infrastructure upgrades of Health Facilities (hereinafter called as "Works”), under the terms set forth in the bid documents.
3.The number of Lots under each ITB case is detailed in Table-1 below. Bidders at their own discretion may bid for any lots, combination of lots or all the lots, if the proposed amount of works is within their financial limit and capacity.
4.Electronic version of the Bid documents of all seven Lotscan be obtained by interested and eligible bidders from the UNOPS website:
5.All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security from a bank operating in Kenya and duly licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya, in the prescribed form/template,addressed to the Director of UNOPS-EAH and shall be valid for 120 calendar days from the date of bid closure. The amounts of Bid Security for each Lot shall be in accordance with the Table-1below. If a bidder is bidding for more than one Lot, the bidder shall obtain the Bid security for the total of bid securities of the Lots that the bidder is bidding.
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