Security Fencing to the eastern boundary only and tree removal


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   Mär 20, 2017
   Apr 11, 2017
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   Trina McClure
NSW Regions: Far North Coast
   02 6626 5652
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RFT ID RFT-10008891
RFT Type Selective Tenders
Published 20-Mar-2017
Closes 11-Apr-2017 9:30am
Category (based on UNSPSC)
30152000 - Fencing
Agency Public Works Advisory

Tender Details

Security Fencing to the eastern boundary only and tree removal

This is a invited RFT.  The invited firms are listed below


NSW Regions: Far North Coast

RFT Type

Selective Tenders - An invitation to tender that is made to a limited number of tenderers, from a Pre-qualified Panel. Tenderers are pre-qualified, for an ongoing program of works or services, on a proven record of satisfactory performance in the category for which tenders are sought.

Additional Details / Instructions

A non-mandatory meeting will be held on Monday 27th March 2017 at Casino High School Administration Desk at 9.30am.

To access the RFT files and to lodge a response you must use the Access PassCode provided to you by the contact officer. 

Obtaining the RFT Documents

Click on the DOWNLOAD A SOFT COPY - Free  link at the bottom of the page, use the Access Passcode provided to gain access, then register your firm in the system (if not previously  registered), and follow onscreen instructions to download the RFT document files provided.

Lodging a Response

As the tenderer you must be a current Registered user of this web site.
Click on the blue LODGE ON RESPONSE link at the bottom of this page, using the Access Passcode, then using your registered system  Login Username and Password and follow the on-screen instructions to be taken to the lodging screen to submit your electronic tender response.

Electronic Tender Box Security
During the lodgement process all submitted responses are encrypted for security and stored securely in the “electronic tender box”.
All responses that are received successfully can only be accessed, decrypted, retrieved and opened after the RFT has officially closed.

RFT Response - receipt/confirmation
A detailed system generated electronic receipt is issued for all submitted responses files received successfully.

Software Requirements
To be able to view the requirements within the RFT you will require the following software to be installed on your PC:
* Adobe Acrobat Reader  5.0 (or more recent) 
* Winzip  7.0 (or more recent) or equivalent

The RFT may also require the following software:
* Microsoft - Word 2010 
* Microsoft - Excel 2010

Other requirements:
Internet connection to lodge completed tender response
The tenderer is responsible for the provision and installation of the necessary software.

Address for Lodgement

Electronic Submissions ONLY via NSW Government etendering website:

Conditions for Participation

Tender responses will only be considered from the invited firms listed below:

North Coast Fencing & Contractors - ABN: 86 137 788 080

Fencing Australia Pty Limited - ABN: 41 094 085 953

Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd - ABN: 39 003 934 094

Benson Fencing & Contracting - ABN: 31 118 928 608

Estimated Timeframe for Delivery

6 weeks

Multi Agency Access


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