Developmental Tender For Turbo Wheel Impeller Balance Assembly As Per Drg. No. 40053523 Alt Aa Purchase Specn. No. Misc-392 Rev. Nil Dt.-15.02.2016 [Pl No.16080385]


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   Mär 20, 2017
   Apr 11, 2017


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Developmental Tender for Turbo wheel Impeller Balance Assembly As per Drg. No. 40053523 Alt Aa Purchase Specn. No. MISC-392 Rev. Nil Dt.-15.02.2016 [PL No.16080385] Evaluation Criteria : Itemwise/Consigneewise Tender Doc: 2600.00 Earnest Money (INR): 860900.00 Pre-Bid Query Date Time: Not Applicable Bidding System : Single Bid System Validity of Offer(Days) : 90 Delivery Schedule : Within one year of placement of P. O. Inspection Agency: OTHERS (AS PER TENDER DOCUMENT) Payment Terms : Full Payment after Receipt of Material against Receipt Note Instructions/Remarks: 1. Unless otherwise specified, this tender is governed by Bid document for Advertised Tender, Rev 5.1 and also by latest version of IRS Conditions of Contracts. These areattached with the Tender and also available on homepage of website 2. Technical or commercial deviations if any are to be necessarily indicated at thenominated column on the offer form under heading Deviations. Uploaded documents should have reference at nominated place on the offer form failing which uploadeddocuments may not be considered for evaluation of the offer. 3. Drawings/Specifications if any can be downloaded from DLW Website http://www.dlw. 4.Inspection shall be governed by Clause 2.6.7 of Bid document under instruction to tenderers. Inspection by RITES if PO value is more than 1.5 Lakh and if PO value is lessthan 1.5 lakh Inspection shall be carried out by CQAM, DLW. However, for Developmental orders Prototype inspection shall be carried out by CDE/DLW and inspection ofbalance quantity will be as per SOR which will override any other condition indicated elsewhere. 5. Offer with manual mode of Tender cost is not acceptable.

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