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   Mär 20, 2017
   Apr 18, 2017


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Side inspection cover for Hitachi TM Evaluation Criteria : Itemwise/Consigneewise Tender Doc: 0.00 Earnest Money (INR): 0.00 Pre-Bid Query Date Time: Not Applicable Bidding System : Single Bid System Validity of Offer(Days) : 120 Delivery Schedule : Within 03 Months. Inspection Agency: RITES Payment Terms : 100 percent payment against R/Note or 95 percent payment against Receipted challan along with Inspection Certificate and balance 5 percent against R/Note. Instructions/Remarks: Vide Rly. Board L. No. 99/RS/G/709/1 dtd: 18.11.2016, Part-1 and Part-II categories of vendors, wherever so approved/registered will stand merged as Approved vendors withimmediate effect. The bidder confirms that Rates and other financial terms quoted in relevant columns of financial bid will only be ruling terms for acceptance and such termsquoted anywhere else should be ignored. [Denial of this condition not recommended]. The bidder agrees to supply the tendered stores at the rates quoted by him inaccordance with the IRS Conditions of Contract and/or Special Condition and/or Other Conditions Specified/attached with the tender. Security Deposit: The tenderers whileoffering their rates for the procurement of safety items for value more than Rs. 15 lakh must agree to deposit security money along with their offer itself as there is noexemption available to the firms in this category, on any ground. Validity: The tenderer must adhere to the validity as given in particular tender. Payments Term: The tenderermust agree to the payments terms indicated in a particular tender. Inspection: The tenderer must agree to the inspection clause given in a particular tender. Delivery period:The tenderer must agree for the delivery period as given in a particular tender. NOTE: [i] In case of any deviation/silence/contradiction in respect of above conditions 9 offer ofthe tenderers will be summarily rejected without any back reference/correspondence. [ii] In case of any deviation/silence/contradiction in respect of above conditions 10 to 13offer of the tenderers are liable to be rejected. [iii] The above condition will supersede any stipulation about these conditions appearing in the tender document elsewhere.

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