Hermetically Sealed Compressor Operating Voltage 230 V Ac, 50 Hz As Per Model No. Kce444 Hag B330 Of M/S Emerson. Make:- Emerson Danfoss, Carrier. Note:-Tenderers Are Required To Indicate Make/Model O...


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   Mär 20, 2017
   Mär 29, 2017


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New Delhi,
State: Delhi,
Attn: Chief Administrative Officer.
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Hermetically sealed compressor operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz as per model No. KCE444 HAG B330 of M/s Emerson. Make:- Emerson Danfoss, Carrier. Note:-Tenderers are required to indicate make/model offered failing which offer may be ignored. Evaluation Criteria : Itemwise/Consigneewise Tender Doc: 0.00 Earnest Money (INR): 0.00 Pre-Bid Query Date Time: Not Applicable Bidding System : Single Bid System Validity of Offer(Days) : 60 Delivery Schedule : Ex-Stock/30 days Inspection Agency: CONSIGNEE Payment Terms : 100 percent payment on receipt and acceptance by consignee. Instructions/Remarks: 1. Offer validity should be 90 days. 2. Please indicate Make/Brand of item and attach authorization of OEM ,if any. 3. Please attach price list/ MRP for branded items along withrate. If the quoted rate found higher than MRP, recovery will be enforced and bad performance will be recorded. 4. The tenderers should show the sample/coloured catalogs toconsignee, if required. 5. Tenderers to quote the Guarantee/Warrantee if any. 6. For bearings and other safety items, only OEM or their authorized dealer can quote along withcurrent and valid Price List. 7. Other terms and conditions as per IRS Conditions of Contract, General/ Special Conditions of Contract and Instructions to Tenderers. 8. TheRailway reserves right to cancel Tender, to reduce the quantity, to ignore offer of any firm which has pending orders without assigning any reason. 9. Inspection by third partyi.e RITES/RDSO/DLW for tenders value more than Rs 1.5 lakh. 10. Visual inspection by RITES against GC and TC by OEM.

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