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   Apr 17, 2017
   Apr 28, 2017


   Chemin de Blandonnet 8, 1214 Vernier, Switzerland

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Tenders are invited for Training and Facilitation Services Scope Of Work :- The Global Fund Is Seeking To Shortlist A Number Of Training Providers And Instructional Designers With The Capabilities To Develop/tailor And/or Deliver Training Courses To Team Members In The Geneva Secretariat. We Are Additionally Looking For Facilitation Experts To Help With Team And Leadership Effectiveness. All Learning And Development Activities Will Assist With Enabling The Achievement Of Our Strategic Goals And Our Mission Of Ending The Epidemics Of The Three Diseases And Improving The Quality Of Life For Those In The Communities We Serve. The Global Fund Intends To Award Indefinite Quantity Contracts (Iqcs) For Each Of The Terms Of References. The Proposal Shall Not Be Construed As A Contract Or A Commitment Of Any Kind. It In No Way Obligates The Global Fund To Award A Contract, Nor Does It Commit The Global Fund To Pay Any Cost Incurred In The Preparation And Submission Of The Proposal(S) Closing Date 28 April 2017

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