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   Mai 18, 2017
   Jun 28, 2017


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Invitations to tender (summary) :N04 / 28 EP KBRU 080210 lot 71 cable installation The section of the Kssnacht-Brunnen national road was commissioned in 1978. The operating and safety equipment (EES) of the open section and the two tunnels date from the same period and are in a state corresponding to their age. The two tunnels on the perimeter were partially rebuilt between 1996 and 1998. The safety devices no longer correspond to the current standards and directives of the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) and have reached the end of their useful life remaining. EES facilities will be renovated as part of the EP Kssnacht - Brunnen project to ensure safe operation for the next 15 years. This batch involves the following disassembly, delivery, assembly and commissioning: Installation of cables for power supply, lighting and signaling Cable tracing Fiber optics Installation of lighting (luminaires, ballast, connection cable, support) Optical beaconing device Road lighting (candelabra , Lighting) Disassembly of the cables (power supply, lighting, signaling and emergency telephone) During the transformation phases of the cable installation, the safety level must not be lower than the current level. It is therefore imperative to plan the operation carefully and thoroughly. The works (phase 51, 52 and 53) will take place from October 2017 to June 2020.

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