San gabriel valley airport apron pavement rehabilitation phase 2


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   Jun 12, 2017
   Jun 13, 2017


   900 S Fremont Ave
CA, 91803
Attn: Jose Pou
Vereinigte Staaten

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Tenders are invited for reconstruction of approx. 48 acres of existing airport apron pavement areas with asphalt concrete over aggregate base material; striping; installation of drainage inlets and other drainage structures; and the performance of other appurtenance work.

Notes: a tour of the area of work is set as scheduled below, at the project site administration building, 901 west alondra boulevard, compton, california 90220 (thomas guide page 597, c-5). the agency will make the project site available for inspection on the following days and times only: 10 a.M. to 12 p.M., tuesday, may 30, 2017 10 a.M. to 12 p.M., wednesday, may 31, 2017pre-bid questions will not be accepted after 12 p.M. (noon) on june 5, 2017.This project has a "prevailing wage" requirement.Dbe - 5%, mbe/female participation in each trade - 28.3%/6.9%.

Est. low value:5,500,000
Est. high value:7,500,000

10% bid bond

Bid date & time: 06/13/17 11:00 am

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